Christian Wetzel


Is a recognized leader in the research and development of LED-based solid-state lighting. His research spans the materials physics and epitaxial growth of wide bandgap group-III nitrides, their device design and metrology. His work contributes to substantial worldwide energy savings by means of higher efficiency lighting and emerging power electronics. With a PhD from Technical University Munich, Wetzel held research appointments at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Meijo University, Japan, the labs of the 2014 Nobel Prize winners in Physics. Pursuing the goal of high efficiency green LEDs Wetzel worked in industry as a project manager before joining RPI's Future Chips Constellation in 2004. Since then, Wetzel has chaired numerous conferences on the topics of his work, received recognizing awards by the U.S. Department of Energy and serves as active officer in academic societies. At RPI Wetzel is an active member of the Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications ERC and pursues new research initiatives in energy efficiency topics with faculty across the Troy campus. To further our research we collaborate across the science and engineering disciplines, with industry and government laboratories. Lists of Scholarly Works  

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