Joe H. Chow

Joe H. Chow

NAE, Institute Professor

Web simulator, Voltage-sourced, Voltage stability analysis, Voltage and power dispatch, UPFC, Sensitivity analysis, Rated-capacity operation, Loadflow models, IPFC, GUPFC, FACTS controllers, EPRI, Dynamic models, Dispatch strategies, Damping control, CSC, Converter based, Computational tools


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (University of Illinois, 1977), M.S. Electrical Engineering (University of Illinois, 1975), B.S. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (University of Minnesota, 1974)

CFES Research Area

Distributed System Platforms

Selected Publications

  • Power System Stabilizers as Undergraduate Control Design Projects (2004)
  • Pelton Turbine Deflector Overspeed Control in Small Power Systems (2004)
  • A Common Modeling Framework of Voltage-Sourced Converters for Loadflow, Sensitivity, and Dispatch Analysis (2004)
  • Pumped-Storage Hydro-Turbine Bidding Strategies in a Competitive Electricity Market (2004)
  • A Dispatch Strategy for a Unified Power Flow Controller to Maximize Voltage-Stability Limited Power Transfer (2004)
  • Hierarchical Pelton Turbine Control in a Small Power System (2003)
  • A Multi-layer Petri Net Model for Deregulated Electric Power Systems (2002)