CFES 2014 Annual Conference

March 26, 2014
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Energy Storage Technologies and Applications

Session Chair: Glen Merfeld, GE Global Research Center

  1. Novel Glass Ceramic Composites for Large Scale Capacitance Storage, Minoru Tomozawa, RPI
  2. Understanding of Capacitive Storage, Vincent Meunier, RPI
  3. Critical Material Issues in Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs), Sudha Jayaraman, Corning
  4. Operando Characterization of Energy Storage Systems with an Eye Towards Degradation and Failure Mechanisms, Hector Abruna, Cornell
  5. Novel Carbon Chemistries for Battery Storage, Ulrich Wiesner, Cornell
  6. The Integration of Scattering Experiments and Simulations in Energy Applications, Emily Liu, RPI
  7. Controlled and Efficient Synthesis of Anion Exchange Fuel Cell Membranes, Chulsung Bae, RPIbbsasadsuhadas

Energy Efficiency

Session Chair: Peter Douglas, NYSERDA

  1. Updates on GE SiC Power Device Technologies, Ljubisa Stevanovic, GE
  2.  Performance Projection of Vertical High-Voltage GaN power MOSFETs and Comparison to SiC power MOSFETs, S. Chowdhury and T. P. Chow, RPI
  3. Power Electronic Drivers’ Influence on LED Light Flicker, Brad Lehman, Northeastern University
  4. Smart Lighting - Illumination Systems that Think, Bob Karlicek, RPI
  5. DC Grid Infrastructure for Solid State Lighting, N. Narendran, RPI
  6. Active Flow Control Technologies in Building Environments , David Menicovich, RPI
  7.  BitTorrent-inspired Decentralized Management of Residential Distributed Energy Resources, Matthew Titus and Wayne Bequette, RPI 

Grid Resiliency and Microgrids

Session Chair: George Stefopoulos, New York Power Authority

  1. High Performance Computing for Power System Applications, Liang Min, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  2. Applying the Non-Iterative State Estimation Method on the New York Transmission System, Tony Jiang and Joe Chow, RPI
  3. Measurement-Based Voltage Stability Margin Calculation for Large-Scale Wind Power Plants, Scott Ghiocel and Joe H. Chow, RPI
  4. Reliable and Sustainable Microgrid Planning, Bo Yang, Hugo Bashualdo, David Lovelady and Yaosuo Xue, Siemens  
  5. Advanced Real-Time Simulation Tools for Distributed Energy Integration and Microgrid, Vahid Jalili-Mirandi, Opal-RT Technologies
  6. Multi-terminal HVDC Systems for Offshore Wind Farms: Control and Real-Time Simulation, Shahil Shah, Rohail Hassan, Hanchao Liu and Jian Sun, RPI
  7. Real-Time Simulation of Type-III Wind Turbine Interactions with the Grid, Ignacio Vieto and Jian Sun, RPI