2019 Future Energy Systems Technology Conference

April 10, 2019
Hilton Garden Inn Troy, New York 12180

The Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute held the 2019 Future Energy Systems Technology Conference on April 10, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. Major programs of the event included:

  • Keynote presentations by the National renewable Energy Lab 
  • 21 Parallel oral presentation focusing on new technology
  • A poster and industry exhibition session with reception

The oral sessions featured presentations by world-class experts in three areas: Advanced Component Technologies for Electrified Transportation; New Materials and Designs for Solar and Wind Energy; and Renewables, Offshore Wind and Smart Grid. In addition to Center researchers, invited industry speakers presented in these sessions. The poster session showcased the broad research scope of CFES and provide additional opportunities for individual and in-depth technical discussion with Center researchers. CFES industry partners were invited to exhibit their technology and showcase their collaboration with CFES.

PDF iconFinal Program 4-10-19


CFES Keynote Presentation: Integrating High Levels of Variable Renewable Energy into Electric Power Systems, Benjamin Kroposki, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A: Advanced Component Technologies for Electrified Transportation

Session Chair: John Glaser, Efficient Power Conversion

  1. PDF icon Power Semiconductor Platforms – Technology and Applications, Ted Letavic, Global Foundries
  2. PDF icon Smart Power GaN Devices and ICs, T. Paul Chow, RPI
  3. PDF icon SiC Devices and Modules for Aviation Applications, Ljubisa Stevanovic, GE Global Research
  4. PDF icon Next Generation Energy Storage Materials: From Electric Mobility to Smart Grid, Jagjit Nanda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  5. PDF icon High Energy Aqueous Li-ion Batteries, Kang Xu, US Army Research Laboratory
  6. PDF icon Self-Heating Induced Healing of Metal Dendrites, Nikhil Koratkar, RPI
  7. PDF icon Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Energy Conversion Technology, Chulsung Bae, RPI

B: New Materials and Devices for Solar and Wind Energy

Session Chair: Clayton Besch, NYS Innovation Venture Capital Fund

  1. Teepee Photonic-Crystal Based Ultra-Thin and Efficient Silicon Solar Cells, Shawn Lin, RPI
  2. III-V Semiconductor-Based High Efficiency PV Cell Designs, Partha Dutta, RPI
  3. PDF icon New Materials and Designs for Advanced Solar Cells, Dr. Oleg Sulima, PV Consultant
  4. PDF icon Advanced Gen-3 Concentration Solar Power Technologies and AnalysisEmily Liu, RPI
  5. PDF icon Taking the Duck out of Water: CSP Innovations for a Green LandscapeShaun Sullivan, Brayton Energy
  6. Latest Development in Commercial Wind Turbines, Siddharth Ashar, GE
  7. Active Blade Tip for Wind Turbine Load Reduction, Farhan Gandhi, RPI

C: Offshore Wind and Future Energy Systems

Session Chair: Einar Larsen, GE Consulting

  1. PDF icon Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy, George Stefopoulos, NYPA
  2. PDF icon Enabling Renewable Control Systems in Power Grids with High Renewable PenetrationJoe Chow, RPI
  3. Stability and Control of High-Voltage DC Transmission Systems for Offshore Wind, Jian Sun, RPI
  4. PDF icon GE Experience in Fault-Ride-Through Testing and Model Development of Wind Turbines, Naresh Acharya, GE Energy Consulting
  5. PDF iconPower System Data Quality and Privacy Enhancement, Meng Wang, RPI
  6. PDF icon New Synchrophasor-Based Control Schemes for Autonomous Microgrid or Coordinated Transmission & Distribution Operation of Distributed Energy Resources, Luigi Vanfretti, RPI
  7. PDF icon Improving Probabilistic Forecasting of Wind and Solar Generation and Electrical Load, Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, UL Renewables