Director's Message

Jian Sun

Jian Sun, Director

ENERGY is a national priority and a global challenge. At CFES, we are committed to developing a future energy system that is sustainable, resilient, and economical. This system will be enabled by renewable energy, cost-effective energy storage, efficient energy utilization, and a more resilient power grid.

Over the last decade, CFES has established a strong track record that is ushering in this future energy system through innovative technologies, world-class education and facilities, business development strategies, and targeted outreach programs to combine talent with industry need.

CFES researchers who are recognized leaders in their fields—from electrical engineering and computer science to physics, aerospace engineering, and architecture—collaborate on dozens of projects every year to advance fundamental research and solve specific, real-world energy challenges.

Recently, CFES was redesignated as part of the New York State Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) program. The 10-year designation amounts to more than $9 million in investment into energy research at Rensselaer as well as technology development and commercialization with New York industry. It will allow CFES to continue to play a critical role in the success of our industry partners, particularly small and mediumsized enterprises.

Whether CFES is working with a small startup or a large, well-established corporation, the goal remains the same: to help companies obtain the resources and know-how for creating and commercializing new energy technologies.

CFES is dedicated to accelerating the clean energy industry. We look forward to our continued relationships with our partners and forging new collaborations so that together we can fulfill the vision of a cleaner, more efficient and affordable energy system in the not too distant future.

Dr. Jian Sun
Director, Center for Future Energy Systems