Education & Outreach

CFES Conferences

CFES provides educational opportunities to industry, faculty, and students through conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars. CFES research involves graduate and undergraduate students as well as post-doc fellows, technical staff and visiting scholars, providing them with unique opportunities to work on advanced research that is practical relevant.  CFES also sponsors energy-related conferences and events across the state and the region.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events will be posted as they become available.

Recent & Past Events

Energy Scholars

Energy Scholars is a program organized by CFES to support undergraduate students at Rensselaer who are interested in an career in the energy sector. This competitive scholarship allows a student to work directly with a sponsoring company on an energy related research project over the academic year. The student gains experience and mentoring from an industry mentor as well as an academic project advisor. The sponsor has the potential to build a strategic pipeline of highly trained employees through the process.