CFES 2013 Annual Conference

January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Advanced Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Session Chair: Jim Misewich, Brookhaven National Laboratory

  1. Synchronizing Energy and Power Through Process and Crystal Engineering, Shailesh Upreti, Primet Precision Materials
  2. Hierarchical Nanostructured Porous Carbon for Energy-related Applications, Kisung Chae and Liping Huang, RPI
  3. Block Copolymer Based Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage, Jörg Werner and Ulrich Wiesner, Cornell University
  4. Molecular Electrocatalysts for Solar Fuel Production, Peter Dinolfo, RPI
  5. Understanding Materials-based Limitations in  Energy Devices: the Importance of in Operando Analysis, Yingchao Yu and Hector Abruña, Cornell University
  6. Hierarchical Porous Carbon Scaffolds as a Platform for Studying Electrochemical Systems, Luis Estevez and Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University
  7. Hydrocarbon Fuel Cell Membranes Containing Perfluorosulfonic Acid Group, Ying Chang, Chulsung Bae, et al., RPI

Semiconductors for Energy Applications

Session Chair: T. Paul Chow, RPI

  1. Advanced SiC MOSFETs for High Power Applications, Ljubisa Stevanovic, et al., GE Global Research Center
  2. GaN Power Devices, Mike Briere, International Rectifier
  3. High Voltage Normally-off GaN MOSC-HEMTs on Silicon Substrates for Power Switching Applications, Zhongda Li, John Waldron, Rohan Dayal, Leila Parsa, Mona Hella, and T. Paul Chow, RPI
  4. GaN for Large-Scale Power Efficiency, Christian Wetzel, RPI
  5. Magnetics Integration - from Thin Film Heads to on-Chip Inductors, Naigang Wang, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  6. Si and GaAs Power Integrated Circuits, Mona Hella, RPI
  7. Monolithic Optoelectronic Integration of GaN High-Voltage Power FETs and LEDs with a Selective Epi Removal Process, J. Waldron, R. Karlicek, and Paul Chow, RPI

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

Session Chair: Fouad Dagher, National Grid

  1. Solar Power Conversion and System Optimization, Rui Zhou, GE Global Research Center
  2. Adaptive Control of Grid-Connected Inverters for Renewable Energy Applications, Mauricio Cespedes and Jian Sun, RPI
  3. Online Measurement of Power Grid Impedance, Tomi Roinila and Jian Sun, RPI
  4. Big Data Analytics for Renewable Energy: bigDAARE, Mark J. Embrechts, RPI  
  5. Phasor State Estimation for Data Accuracy Improvement and Power Transfer Interface Monitoring, Scott Ghiocel and Joe Chow, RPI
  6. Power System State Estimation Using a Non-Iterative Direct State Calculation Method, Tony Jiang, Bruce Fardanesh, Deepak Maragal, George Stefopoulos, and Joe Chow, RPI
  7. An Advanced Open-Source Model for Predicting the Effects of Power-Sector Policies and Investments, Daniel Shawhan, et al., RPI, and William Schulze, Cornell University